Out of necessity, there’s always a budget restriction when I’m collecting. But I think it would make for a very dull chase if all you had to do was search on the net and buy the thing you’re looking for at any price. So my budget dictates £5 maximum per album cover and shipping must be pretty cheap, which means sourcing from the UK.

Albers designed seven album covers for the US label Command Records between 1959 and 1961. Command Records’ album cover designs stood out from the crowd not only because of their ‘highly modern, boldly graphic, abstract’* designs.  In addition, the label’s founder Enoch Light liked to provide extensive information about the music on his albums, necessitating additional print space on the covers and thereby giving birth to the gatefold sleeve.

I’ve managed to collect four of these so far.**

Click on the above link to read a neat little piece about Command Records, Enoch Light and Josef Albers.

** Now five!!

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