Vera Molnar Structure de Quadrilatères (Square Structures), 1985 ink on paper 30 x 42 cm

Vera Molnar, regarded as a pioneer in computer art was born in Budapest in 1924.  She relocated to Paris in the 1940s and became a founding member of the Research Group for Visual Art (GRAV) in 1960.  Her work as an artist encompasses painting, drawing and collage, computer drawings, photography, and installation.  Aged 94, Molnar continues to practice.

The exhibition Vera Molnar: Drawings 1949-1986 is currently showing at the Senior and Shopmaker Gallery in Chelsea, NYC.  I’d so much like to see this, and to visit NYC again.

there’s an e-catalogue available here

and an article about the show and the artist in hyperallergic here

a short biography of the artist here

also, a wonderful video about GRAV at the Paris Biennale in 1963 here

watch it, you’ll love it!

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